Germans win beach 'towel wars’

30th July 2009, Comments 1 comment

Now Germans can pre-book holiday loungers in order to get their place in the sun.

London – German holidaymakers no longer need to stampede to the pool at dawn to infuriate British tourists by claiming all the sun-loungers -- they can now do it from home.

Threatening to fuel a long-standing joke in Britain, travel agency Thomas Cook said that German tourists could pay in advance to bag a poolside lounger when they book their package holidays. The offer is only available in Germany.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper said EUR 3 a day was all it cost to wind up British holidaymakers by reserving a sun-lounger and an umbrella -- without the need for a pre-dawn raid to cover them all with towels.

Thomas Cook's German branch is offering the service, with nine hotels having signed up so far.

The Daily Telegraph said the new front in the "beach towel wars" – the origin of which is unclear, but which is a hardy perennial of British media – had opened up in Egypt, Turkey and Spain's Canary Islands.

Thomas Cook was founded in 1841 by a British cabinet-maker -- but is now German-owned.

"As part of a promotion to holidaymakers in Germany, pre-bookable sun chairs are being offered as part of an upgrade package following positive feedback to a successful initiative by a small number of hotels," a Thomas Cook spokesman told AFP.

"Thomas Cook Group is an international company, operating in 21 countries across the world. Each business markets itself to its own customers to provide quality products and services to give them the best holiday possible."

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