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26 November 2004AMSTERDAM — Dutch actress Georgina Verbaan has added an unusual 'photograph' to her website - a copy of a mammogram to prove her ample bosom is natural.

26 November 2004

AMSTERDAM — Dutch actress Georgina Verbaan has added an unusual 'photograph' to her website - a copy of a mammogram to prove her ample bosom is natural.

Verbaan announced earlier this week she was going to publish evidence she had not had breast augmentation surgery.

Her breasts have been the subject of debate for some time in Dutch gossip magazines. Verbaan has dubbed the affair 'Boobgate'.

She expressed annoyance that her appearance in the Dutch edition of mens' magazine Playboy had failed to quell the rumours her bosom was silicon based. Verbaan appears nude in a 12-page spread in the magazine's December edition.

She decided the only way to lay the controversy to rest was to have a mammography test and to publish the findings. The test appears to confirm her breasts are real.

Verbaan made her name as a quirky and bubbly 16-year-old in Dutch soap-opera Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden, or Good Times Bad Times, in the 1990s. She has gone on to become one of the leading Dutch actresses.

According to a leaked contract, she was paid EUR 200,000 to appear naked in the Dutch edition of  Playboy. As soon as the December edition with the 12-page spread hit the news stands earlier this month, gossip magazines began to question whether she had undergone breast augmentation surgery.

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