Free travel on Rotterdam Metro with new chip card

17th June 2008, Comments 0 comments

Almost one in 10 passengers travelled for free in Rotterdam without paying in 2007 with the new public transport chip card.

17 June 2008

ROTTERDAM - AD reports that it is ridiculously easy to travel free on the Rotterdam Metro, as the devices that read the new public transport chip card are easy to fool.

The chip card is supposed to replace paper tickets on public transport across the Netherlands. The launch of the new system has not been decided as the new system has been plagued by problems.

Rotterdam was chosen as one of the test sites and a spokesperson for the city's metro company says that almost one in 10 passengers travelled without paying in 2007.

According to the spokesperson, the barrier will open if you wave a bit of paper or a supermarket loyalty card in front of the chip card reader. He sighs: "it'll open for anything".

[Radio Netherlands / Jacqueline Carver / Expatica]

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