Flies invade Lelystad hospital’s operating rooms

19th March 2009, Comments 0 comments

Emergency operating theatres were closed Wednesday afternoon following the discovery of flies buzzing around.

LELYSTAD – The IJsselmeer Hospital in the northern polder city of Lelystad closed both its emergency operating theatres late on Wednesday when flies were discovered.

A spokesperson for the hospital said the lacewing flies were buzzing round the heads of the staff in the preparation room.

A specialised company has been called in to disinfect the operating rooms. One theatre – sterilised now - is in use again, and the other is expected to reopen during the course of the day.

The hospital suspects that the insects had entered the building in autumn last year and laid eggs. The insects are now active due to the warmer weather.

The fly incident is the latest of a series of problems that have beset the Lelystad hospital. In September 2008, the hospital was forced to close its regular operating theatres after government health officials judged the air quality to be unacceptable.

This ushered in a period of turmoil at the hospital, with major financial problems leading to local government bailouts, a takeover of the management, and tightened supervision by the health inspectorate.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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