Firms pull out of neighbourhood improvement plan

1st October 2009, Comments 0 comments

Four housing corporations in Eindhoven say they have not receive any financial help they were promised and have lost confidence in the scheme.

Eindhoven – Four housing corporations in the city of Eindhoven are opting out of the government's neighbourhood improvement scheme because they have lost confidence in the programme.

The housing corporations who have written to Dutch Integration Minister Eberhard van der Laan said they have not received any of the financial help they were promised despite having started on some projects.

Neighbourhoods classified as problem areas are supposed to be upgraded and revamped using money from other corporations whose housing estates are non-problematic.

In the letter, thee ministers are calling on the minister to clarify the situation and come up with a solution quickly.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the government said funding to corporations in problematic districts has been suspended as the European Committee is conduction investigation following complaints about the Dutch improvement scheme.

Several housing corporations have raised objections to the Dutch neighbourhood improvement scheme set up in 2007 by the former integration minister Ella Vogelaar.

The scheme aims to improve 40 neighbourhoods throughout the Netherlands with social or infrastructural shortcomings. Many such districts have residents with a below-average income and live in substandard conditions.

Three of those areas are in the southern industrial city of Eindhoven.

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