Fears of terror attacks recede

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24 February 2006, AMSTERDAM — Residents of Amsterdam and Rotterdam feel safer and are less fearful than a few months ago of terrorist attacks on the public transport system in the cities.

24 February 2006

AMSTERDAM — Residents of Amsterdam and Rotterdam feel safer and are less fearful than a few months ago of terrorist attacks on the public transport system in the cities. 

This is the main finding of research published by polling company TNS NIPO. Amsterdammers and Rotterdammers also said they were aware of what to do and how to react to terror threats on buses, trams and metros.

TNS NIPO carried out the study on behalf of the local authorities in both cities to test the effectiveness of a public information campaign. The 'Alle ogen helpen' (alll eyes help) campaign was launched on 28 November last year.

It involves posters, flyers and television adverts telling commuters to watch out for and report abandoned bags or other suspicious activity. The adverts features models from all backgrounds - including a female Muslim wearing headscarf - telling the public about the importance of vigilance.

Officials in Amsterdam and Rotterdam decided to draw up the campaign after an earlier survey indicated the public wanted guidance about the potential threat following the terrorist attacks in London and Madrid.

The Dutch National Coordinator for Counterterrorism says the threat posed to the Netherlands by international terrorism is still "substantial". The organisation has been maintained this view since issuing an assessment in December 2005.

"New York, Madrid and London: terrorist attacks can result in thousands of casualties and aim to disrupt entire societies. Unfortunately, this could happen here too," the NCtb's English-language site says.

The municipal and regional transport sector in the Netherlands joined the national Counterterrorism Alert System (Alerteringssysteem Terrorismebestrijding; ATb) at the end of 2005.

This system warns government bodies and the private sector of mounting threats, so that they can respond rapidly, the NCbt says.

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