Expat women in the Netherlands: The challenges

Expat women in the Netherlands: The challenges

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Included in our just-published Women’s E-special: Mary van der Boon debunks the popularly-held myths and beliefs around women and leadership in the Netherlands, the results of our women’s opinion poll and Stephanie Ward gives some encouragement to women who are considering setting up their own businesses.

Our newly published E-special focuses on the challenges that women face as expats in their new country of residence.

What we women feel about living abroad

The results of our women’s opinion poll show up some expected and unexpected trends with many respondents wanting equality enshrined in the legal system of the host country – and enforced ? as well as better networking and support groups for foreign women abroad.

Establishing networks

President of the European Professional Women’s Network, Mirella Visser, in her article, Celebrating Connections, which we also published to celebrate International Women’s Day, gives some pointers on what networks to join and how to go about getting yourself ‘seen’. “Women are clearly taking the lead and shaping their own future by establishing the networks of support and inspiration to develop themselves to become the best they can be,” says Visser.

climbingDebunking the myths

Why do women with a talent for leadership have such a hard time getting to the top in the Netherlands?

Mary van der Boon looks at why the streaming of women to top positions in business, government and universities, lags sorely behind other European countries.

Women entrepreneurs

Executive coach Stephanie Ward gives women some tips on how to go about setting up their own businesses. “Do the necessary research and preparation before starting your business but do not fall into the trap of waiting until you know “everything” you think you need to know before you start,” she says.

Working mums

Our only male contributor, Eric Asp, argues that, although his wife cannot ply her profession in the Netherlands, her daily workload qualifies her as a ’working mum’, a terminology which, anyhow, Asp considers to be essentially oxymoronic.


Read the results of our Women's poll: Female expats in Europe say they are mostly happy.

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19 March 2008

 Natasha Gunn


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