Eindhoven: world's smartest city

3rd June 2011, Comments 0 comments

The southern Dutch city of Eindhoven has been dubbed the smartest city in the world by the Intelligent Community Forum ICF in New York.

It doesn’t actually mean the citizens have the world’s highest IQs. The Intelligent Community of the Year award goes to the region that makes best use of ICT and broadband internet.

The ICF is a social and economic development think-tank which defines an intelligent community as one that is able to prosper in the ‘broadband economy’ – the organisation's high-tech alternative term for ‘globalised economy’.

Each year the ICF draws up a list of the top 21 smartest areas of the world. Since January, Eindhoven and the surrounding region has been among the top seven, for the third year running. And now it’s made it to first place.

The region is “an example of a new way of thinking about cooperation and regional development” and “a community we can learn from”, said ICF’s co-founder Louis Zacharilla.

Eindhoven's Mayor Rob van Gijzel said the award put the city on the map. “It makes you more interesting to other regions and companies. And that creates jobs.” The next step was to convert the region's knowledge into cash, he said. “Now we also have to become one of the strongest regions economically.”

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