Education ministry reduces community service hours

15th September 2009, Comments 1 comment

VMBO and HAVO students will not have to take part in 72 hour-community service projects.

The Hague – Middle school students studying in the Netherlands will be delighted to know that they will not have to fulfil their 72 hours of community service come 2011.

Instead, VMBO students at vocational schools will have to take part in a 48-hour community service project and HAVO pupils in pre-college schools will have to fulfil 60 hours.

The only exception is VWO pupils attending pre-university schools. These students will have to fulfil 72 hours, said the Dutch education ministry on Monday.

The proposal for middle school students to find work with a voluntary organisation will be launched in 2011.

The adjustment for VMBO and HAVO students was made following complaints from schools. The schools consider 72 hours of community service - nearly two weeks - too long for students at a four-or five year course.

The community service plan which was first launched in 2007 was intended to be for three months. It was later reduced to 72 hours.

The education ministry says community service project allows students to volunteer and orient themselves in this way in society.


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  • C. Copeland posted:

    on 15th September 2009, 21:49:58 - Reply

    This is really disappointing news... at my primary school, (United World College Maastricht Primary School) my preschool and primary school students participate in much more than 72 hours per year and our secondary students far more so!! It is a very rewarding and character-building pursuit that builds bridges between community members and additionally promotes awareness of global concerns, good citizenship and empathy towards others.