Easier-to-fill-in forms at Dutch tax office

14th July 2008, Comments 0 comments

The tax office is planning to launch a partially filled-in form to make it easier for people who submit their forms digitally.

14 July 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - Deputy finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager has written to parliament to announce that the tax office has plans to fill in more of the annual income tax form in advance for more people.

As an experiment, the tax office will fill in some of the information for everyone who submits his or her tax form digitally in 2009.

At present, around 85% of the eight million people who fill in a tax form do so digitally.

They will be able to use their personal online tax code, the DigiD, to download a partially filled-in form. 1.5 million people will have their forms filled in completely by the taxman.

The use of "pre-completed" forms is intended to make submitting a tax statement easier. It should also reduce the number of errors.

De Jager said a small-scale experiment has already been carried out successfully.

Apart from the client's name and address, the tax office may now also fill in the annual salary, property valuation (WOZ) information, various rebates and the amount of any provisional repayment, depending on the person in question.

However, a spokesperson for the tax office points out that the taxpayer is still responsible for the accuracy of the statement.

In recent years the tax office's main slogan has been "we can't make it any more pleasant, but we can make it easier" and the latest move seems to fit this credo.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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