EU warns of "total protection" sunscreens

14th July 2008, Comments 0 comments

Sunscreen products that promise claims of total protection from harmful UV rays are lying, says European Commission.

14 July 2008

BRUSSELS - Consumers setting off on their summer holidays should stay away from sunscreens which claim to offer "total protection" from harmful UV radiations, the European Commission warned Monday.

"Sunscreen products cannot deliver total protection from UV radiation. This holds also true for products claiming to be a 'sun block' or to offer 'total protection'," officials in Brussels said.

Noting that even products which offer a high sun protection factor (SPF) will let some of the UV radiation through, officials also cautioned consumers from purchasing products which offer protection factors of 50 or above.

"If a product is applied correctly, an SPF of 15-25 suffices to protect a person with normal skin from sun burn," they said.

The European Union executive has introduced a standardised logo for UV protection creams and says products claiming total protection are being phased out across the 27-member bloc.

Over-exposure to UV radiations can cause skin cancer, a condition that according to the World Health Organisation affects more than 3 million Europeans each year.

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