EU calls for public comments on climate strategy

5th August 2008, Comments 0 comments

The European Union is seeking the public’s view on how it should fight climate change via the internet.

5 August 2008

BRUSSELS - The European Union on Monday called for public comments on what strategy it should take in international negotiations aimed at fighting climate change.

In a series of 14 questions published online, the EU's executive, the European Commission, asked interested organisations and individuals to give their view of the most important steps to be taken in the global fight against climate change.

Hot topics on the internet poll include the question of how much developed and developing countries should do to fight emissions, how rich countries should help poor ones adapt and how European states should stop their heavy industries moving to countries with less strict climate-change laws.

The current system for fighting climate change, the Kyoto Protocol, is set to expire at the end of 2012.

Countries around the world are debating how to replace Kyoto, with the debate set to culminate in a summit in Copenhagen in December 2009.

The EU has already pledged to cut greenhouse-gas emissions to at least 20 percent below 1990 levels by 2020, and is urging other developed economies to match it.

The online consultation can be viewed until 29 September at

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