"Dutch woman referred to Spanish clinic"

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The woman arrested for an illegal abortion performed in Spain was reportedly referred there by a Dutch institution.

14 December 2007

HILVERSUM – The 24-year-old woman from Boxtel who has been in custody for more than three weeks for having undergone an illegal abortion at a controversial Spanish clinic was referred there by a renowned Dutch institution.

Her lawyer Caspar Brouwers said this on television programme Pauw & Witteman on Thursday evening. 

He said the Dutch doctors did not want to run the risk of incurring penalties for terminating her advanced pregnancy, the lawyer explained.

The abortion was ultimately performed at the Ginemedex clinic in Barcelona.

The lawyer claims that the woman felt pressure to get rid of the baby. Her Moroccan background could be a reason for this.

The Boxtel woman had a Dutch boyfriend and was living a double life, Brouwers explained. She did not tell the baby's biological father about the abortion, he said.

The woman contests that the pregnancy was beyond 24 weeks, the permitted limit for abortions in the Netherlands.

The justice department claims however that there is evidence that the woman had an abortion on 7 November and that she was at least 27 weeks pregnant with a healthy foetus at that point.

The public prosecution department in Den Bosch was not immediately available for comment on Thursday evening.

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