Dutch unions prepared to accept pension age increase

29th September 2009, Comments 1 comment

Dutch unions are prepared to accept an increase in the state pensionable age under certain conditions.

Bert van Boggelen, chair of the CNV (National Federation of Christian Trade Unions in the Netherlands), has said that Dutch unions are prepared to accept, under certain conditions, an increase in the state pensionable age. He said that the MHP (Federation of Managerial and Professional Staff Unions), the FNV (Federation Dutch Labour Movement) and CNV accept that this must rise in conjunction with increasing life expectations.

Van Boggelen made his statement in response to the leaking of a proposal by members of the Social and Economic Council. The council proposed that from 2011, the pensionable age should rise each year by one month. People would still be permitted to stop working at 65, but with a reduced pension.

Van Boggelen said that for those on low incomes, stopping work at 65 should not leave them with too low a pension to live on. He added that the state pension should also be index-linked.

The Social and Economic Council has until Thursday to offer an alternative to the Dutch cabinet’s recent proposal to raise the state pensionable age to 67.

Radio Netherlands/ Expatica

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  • HistoryTechDoc posted:

    on 29th September 2009, 15:32:20 - Reply

    There is one outstanding question regarding this \'67\' debate that has not been addressed as far as I know. That is, what will happen to those receiving permanent disability and/or a \'invaliditeitspension\'?
    Under the present NL regulations these programs ceast to exist for those turning 65. Will they be left without these income sources as well as no AOW, etc.? Or will those on WAO/WIA and/or Invaliditeitspension be allowed to continue these benefits or be allowed to collect AOW, etc.?