Dutch policewoman’s killer gets 12 years in jail

3rd June 2009, Comments 1 comment

The man opened fire and killed the senior female police officer when she stopped him upon observing he was driving erratically.

Amstelveen – The man who shot and killed a senior female police officer in the town of Amstelveen in 2008 has been sentenced to 12 years in jail and placed under hospital supervision.

The public prosecutor had originally demanded that Franklin Falconi be jailed for 18 years for the killing of Gabriëlle Cevat.

However, the court in Amsterdam handed down a shorter sentence because, it said, it could not be determined that Falconi had known Cevat was a police officer before he shot her.

The prosecution argued that the 50-year-old must have known because her police identification was found beside her body.

Cevat attempted to arrest Falconi in Amstelveen after she observed he was driving a car erratically. When she stopped him, he opened fire and killed her.

It was later revealed that before the killing, he had drunk a bottle of vodka and fired his gun at his ex-girlfriend’s front door.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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  • ratkat posted:

    on 4th June 2009, 16:43:09 - Reply

    I'm sure the family of the dead woman is thrilled that the life of their loved one was worth 12 years in a luxury jail for this human garbage....