Dutch paedophiles set up political party

30th May 2006, Comments 12 comments

30 May 2006, AMSTERDAM — Pro-paedophile activists have established a new political party in the Netherlands to campaign for the legalisation of sex between adults and children.

30 May 2006

AMSTERDAM — Pro-paedophile activists have established a new political party in the Netherlands to campaign for the legalisation of sex between adults and children.

"Ten years ago we were 'on speaking terms' with society. But since [Belgian paedophile killer] Marc Dutroux there is no more discussion. All paedophiles are being put in the same box. We are being hushed up," Ad van den Berg, the co-founder of the NVD party, told newspaper 'AD'. 

The NVD, which is being officially launched on Wednesday, will lobby for a reduction in the age of consent in the Netherlands from 16 to 12 and then phased out completely over time. "Forbidding makes children all the more curious," Van den Berg said.

"Rearing is also about introducing children to sex." He emphasised that this would have to take place on a consensual basis "as we are just as opposed to abuse as everyone else is".

The party's full name is 'Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit (NVD). Naastenliefde can mean love of one's neighbour or charity, while Vrijheid  en Diversiteit mean freedom and Diversity. 

The NVD will also wants to make it legal to possess child pornography and a reduction in the minimum age to feature in porn from 18 to 16. An initial media report that the party wanted the age restriction lowered to 12 was corrected in later reports.

A quality mark system should be introduced whereby an independent agency would decide whether children had been forced to act in the movies, according to the party's programme. 

The new party is closely linked to the "Martijn" Association, which campaigns for acceptance of paedophilia and adult-child love relationships. Van den Berg is chairman of the association.

Martijn was the target of a demonstration by the extreme right-wing Nationale Alliante (NA) group on Saturday. Police arrested 20 members of far left group Anti-Fascist Action for attacking the NA demonstrators. Several AFA members were still in custody on Saturday.

Keen not to be pegged as a single-issue party, the NVD's programme also suggest other radical reforms not related to adult-child sex. For instance, the programme calls for the abolition of the cabinet of ministers and direct election of the prime minister. Animals would get more rights.

'Consensual' sex between humans and animals would remain legal, coupled with a prohibition on sexual abuse of animals. Convicted murders who kill again would be automatically jailed for life.

The NVD is in favour on strict control of government finances, with a ban on running a budget deficit. And all government documents would have to be published in both Dutch and English.

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  • Bobert posted:

    on 9th November 2011, 23:34:54 - Reply

    Just found out that this party was dissolved though. That's too bad.
  • Bobert posted:

    on 9th November 2011, 23:06:18 - Reply

    Although I find some of this just slightly over the line, I ultimately find it perfectly supportable.
  • none posted:

    on 22nd August 2011, 01:09:51 - Reply

    i support this because i think people should be able to have anyone they want as a partner
  • slash posted:

    on 29th January 2011, 14:52:20 - Reply

    Just as 'No name' wrote, I have nothing to add. Totally support it and also happy to hear this.
  • james hawethorne posted:

    on 13th August 2010, 04:23:36 - Reply

    Only the dutch...
  • Margaret GIdio posted:

    on 14th May 2010, 17:35:27 - Reply

    Are the Trumps part of this political party? I and my daughter are a victim of their sexual abuse.

    Signed, Margaret Gidio
    Cumberland, WIsconsin
  • No name posted:

    on 10th May 2010, 04:41:44 - Reply

    I am happy to find people who think about diversity and non limited love. Go ahead with your project. Someday we shall be able to share our sexual life without limitations and without hurting anybody. Cheers!!!
  • dutchamerican posted:

    on 23rd April 2010, 08:52:39 - Reply

    Are you serious?! This is baloney! A party for folks who do it with kids? That's like making it legal to put bug spray in coca-cola. Unless they're already allowed to do that... :P
  • aman posted:

    on 4th March 2010, 12:34:23 - Reply

    WAT THE F***!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • wtf posted:

    on 17th September 2009, 11:58:19 - Reply

    'Consensual' sex between humans and animals would remain legal

  • Paul White posted:

    on 15th June 2009, 04:57:44 - Reply

    lol this is my kind of party.
  • bob jacobs posted:

    on 22nd February 2009, 18:56:09 - Reply

    Are you kidding? How is this allowed to happen? Destructive, abusive perverts forming a political party? Abusers are the only ones who would thank that child molestation is "consensual". Sick.