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Metro, Another Blunder by Ministry of Defence



Another Blunder by Ministry of Defence

Metro has bought tapes with recordings of internal meetings at the Defence Ministry from the Dienst Domeinen (‘Property Service’), a service that legally sells state and government property to the public. Parliament is demanding that Minister of Defence Henk Kamp give an explanation on these recordings could have been sold to Metro.

De Pers

No-Claim Reimbursement in Healthcare Cancelled

The no-claim reimbursement in healthcare will be scrapped in 2008. The reimbursement made elderly, handicapped and chronically sick patients feel disadvantaged and did not make the others aware of healthcare costs, the government says. Patients who used less than 255 euros on healthcare in 2007 will still receive the rest back.

de Volkskrant

Coalition Will Renovate Districts and Improve Environment

The prospective coalition has drawn up an ambitious programme to renovate districts lagging behind in regard for the environmental. The new coalition of the Christian Democrats (CDA), Labour Party (PvdA) and Christian Union (ChristenUnie) also wants to boost economic growth, innovation and safety, sources close to the government formation talks said. The draft coalition accord will be presented to the parties’ factions today.

Het Financieele Dagblad

CEO Salaries Not High Enough

The top managerial salaries at Dutch companies listed on the stock-market should go up. Otherwise CEOs and other top managers will switch to private equity houses offering better incomes.

De Telegraaf

Amsterdam Responsible for Poisoning

Lawyer Bob van der Groen has claimed Amsterdam municipality is partly liable for the damages to the 1,075 victims of poisoning by waste dumped by the ship the Probo Koala in Ivory Coast. The tragedy claimed ten lives and left 44,000 injured.

AD Haagsche Courant

Mistrust Regarding Standardised Tests

Parents do not trust the standardised performance testing at schools and are increasingly turning to private external agencies for advice, twice more than last year, an AD survey shows.

Street Ban on Paedophiles?

The Labour Party (PvdA), the Liberals (VVD) and the Christian Democrats (CDA) are demanding that one of the first laws drafted under the new cabinet be a law preventing paedophiles from falling into their old behavioural patterns once they are released from prison.


Poultry Must Be Kept Indoors

All Dutch farmers must keep their poultry indoors after the bird flue virus was discovered in England.

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