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De Telegraaf, New Speedometers Installed Across the Netherlands

De Telegraaf

New Speedometers Installed Across the Netherlands 

Drivers on Dutch roads will soon no longer be able to see the notorious flash when their speeding is registered. The new digital speedometers that are being installed across the country use no flash and therefore work ‘invisibly’ for the driver. In addition, the speeding ticket will arrive at the violator’s home address much faster.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Dutch Trade Union Federation FNV Fights Companies over China

Large Dutch companies working in China resist the new legislation proposed by the Chinese government, which offers more rights to the employees and trade unions, FNV chairman Jongerius claims.

Takeovers at Highest level in History

With the new wave of mergers and takeovers reported yesterday, the total of takeovers in 2006 has reached a record level. The total value of all the deals amounts to 3,100 billion US dollars.


Lack of Information Exchange between Hospital and Ambulance Costs Lives

Ambulance personnel act at their own discretion in emergency situations, states a report by the Dutch Healthcare Inspection (IGZ), obtained by Trouw. 


Final Attack against CDA

The attacks of the PvdA on the CDA seem to have had their effect. According to the latest polls, Wouter Bos is catching up with Jan Peter Balkenende. In the Nova/Interview-NNS poll the PvdA won two extra seats yesterday, while the CDA went two seats down.

de Volkskrant

Oneliners Above Substance

The fear to fall out of the general tone dominated the campaign. Not comprehensive discussions, but quick interjections determined the debates.

Consequence: the indecisive voter still does not know what to do.

Nederlands Dagblad

Important Issues Come after Wednesday

A number of issues have reached their turn for discussion during the election campaign, however party leaders have remained silent about international topics.


Members of PvdA Better Off than Members of VVD

On average, Parliamentary candidates of the PvdA party live in better neighbourhoods than the VVD candidates, the newspaper’s research has shown. Candidates of the Partij voor Nederland, CDA and Partij voor de Dieren  (Animal Rights Party) are reported to have the highest living standards. Candidates of the SP (Socialist Party) have settled for the poorest neighbourhoods.

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