Dutch newspapers – 2 February 2007 (morning)

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Dutch newspapers – 2 February 2007 (morning)

Dutch newspapers – 2 February 2007 (morning)


Violent Neighbours

Arguments between neighbours are increasingly turning violent . The fights are more complicated than simple narrow-mindedness or a short fuse, several organisations involved in mediating between neighbours conclude.

Pascal’s Mother Happy with AD
Pascal Triep’s mother said she was satisfied with the video showing the murder of her son in Scheveningen being published on the website of Het Algemeen Dagblad (AD). “I am happy with the film, because the killers had told a completely different story”, she said yesterday in her message at www.ad.nl.

De Telegraaf

Early Retirement Penalised
Workers retiring before they turn 65 will be obliged to contribute to the General Old-Age Pension fund (AOW). The Christian Democrats (CDA), Labour Party (PvdA) and Christian Union (ChristenUnie) have all agreed to this plan.

Construction Costs Up
Construction work in the Netherlands is becoming increasingly expensive. The costs of new construction projects are on the rise due to a significant shortage of workers, and growing labour and raw materials costs.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Shell Switches to Dollar Dividends
Shell is scrapping its investor policies targeted at Dutch investors. In order to attract foreign investors, the company will now focus on dollar dividends.

Amazing Profits Limburg Sunbed Manufacturer
Sunbed manufacturer Solland in Heerlen, purchased this week by Delta, has sealed two lucrative deals worth a total of 800 million euros.


Steps to Decrease Suicide Numbers
The new cabinet must take steps to dramatically decrease the number of suicides in the Netherlands. A special programme to tackle suicides on the national level has been developed by the Trimbos Institute . The programme will be published in approximately two months.

Architects Design New Groninger Forum
The new Groninger Forum building in Gronningen must be attractive and fresh-looking, this was the task for seven architects competing for this project. All of them have delivered extraordinary drafts.

De Volkskrant

Share and Option Profits Doubled
The directors of companies with stock-market listings in the Netherlands have seen their profits from shares and options more than double since last year. In 2006 they earned a total of 209 million euros thanks to those instruments, compared to 96 million euros in 2005.


PSV Goes Chinese
Chinese football player Sun Xiang’s contract with PSV starts today. The club hopes to attract millions of Chinese fans and new financial opportunities.

Nederlands Dagblad
Extreme-Right Candidates Lose
The new extreme-right faction IST (Identity, Sovereignty, Tradition) will get no key positions in the EU Parliament. The other parties almost unanimously blocked its two candidates for a position as deputy chairman of a parliamentary committee yesterday.

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