Dutch news roundup, 8 November 2006

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False alarm over baby's broken bone

False alarm over baby's broken bone

The broken bone a baby was found to have in the AMC hospital in Amsterdam was not caused by violence. The bone was broken due to the fragile skeleton of the baby, inquiries have revealed. The hospital had called in the Healthcare Inspectorate and police, but also conducted its own investigation, the results of which are now known. Babies were found to have broken bones at the VU medical centre in Amsterdam and St. Elisabethziekenhuis in Tilburg in recent weeks leading to tightened precautions. The results of inquiries there are not yet known.

Call for greater climate efforts in Africa

Environment State Secretary Pieter van Geel is calling for more climate projects to be set up in Africa. He also wants the fund to enable the poorest countries cope with the impact of climate change to become operational. Van Geel hopes the basis for future climate policy will be laid at the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Nairobi on 15-17 November.

Rescued horses saved again

The 100 horses rescued from flooding in Friesland last week will not be sent to the abattoir as initially intended. The local Ferwerderadiel council said it had been overwhelmed with phone calls from people angry that the horses were to be slaughtered. But nature organisation It Fryske Gea, which owned the land where the horses were kept, said it had been a misunderstanding.

FM in visit to Afghanistan

During a visit to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, Dutch Foreign Minister Bernard Bot is stressing the importance of regional co-operation in the fight against terrorism. Bot is also stressing to Pakistan that its support is essential to the success of the ISAF mission. In India, he is focusing on the importance of stable relations between India and Pakistan.

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