Dutch news in brief, Thursday 2 April 2009

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Read the roundup of today's Dutch press from Radio Netherlands.

Netherlands off to G20 London summit
Thursday’s newspapers report the Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende’s lobbying efforts has paid off as Netherlands is participating in the world economic for the second time.

As the Netherlands is not a member of the G20, it need not be invited to participate in Thursday G20 summit in London.

However, last year, the Dutch prime minister persuaded the White House to invite him to the Washington G20 summit by emphasising the Netherlands' considerable financial sector and role as a major international investor.

AD writes that it is "logical that Prime Minister Balkenende be invited to the London summit as well."

NRC.next injects a note of sarcasm into the whole summit circus; its headline reads: "Hello, here we are again! It's time for a summit and another one and another one..."

Recession hits CEOs salaries
De Volkskrant reports senior Dutch directors see their annual incomes drop by 21 percent to an average of just EUR 3 million in 2008 due to the recession.

The paper analysed data from 22 of the top 25 companies listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange and discovered that the drop in income was due to the fact that bonus packages were not nearly as generous as in previous years.

Bonuses fell by an average of 32 percent to just EUR 813,000. But the paper also reports that it's not all bad news for Dutch CEOs. Eight of the 22 companies surveyed paid out higher annual bonuses in 2008.

Delay in electronic patient dossier after codes cracked
NRC Handelsblad and NRC.next report that the public health ministry's plan to introduce an electronic patient dossier (EPD) has been delayed after computer experts managed to crack the codes on the pass that gives healthcare professionals access to the data.

Health Minister Ab Klink informed the lower house of parliament that the EPD would be delayed until July because the number of people who lodged a formal objection to the EPD was "much higher than expected."

The minister also told the lower house that the computer experts had cracked the EPD login pass as well as the defence ministry pass and onboard computers in taxis.

A suspicious Socialist Party MP, Arda Gerkens, suspects that the technical problems are the real reason for the delay and told NRC.next: "We have to wait until a new login pass has been developed. If we have to, we can add another three months to the delay."

Rotterdam introduces anti-social tendencies tests for tenants
The Rotterdam city council has far-reaching plans to improve problem neighbourhoods, including screening prospective tenants for anti-social behaviour, reports the AD.

The investigation, dubbed the Tokkie Test after a particularly notorious anti-social family that hit all the headlines a year ago, examines perspective tenants' records. Recommendations will then be made to the city council that will ban perspective tenants who has caused trouble in the past two years.

The criteria for banning people from a neighbourhood include violence, drug dealing, drinking and noise pollution offences.

The screening will be used in problem neighbourhoods which are suffering from criminality and poverty.

The decision to implement the Tokkie Test in Rotterdam's problem areas comes after a similar programme reduced crime and drug dealing and considerably improved the quality of life in one of Rotterdam's most notorious slum neighbourhoods.
Victory for Dutch national football team in World Cup match
The victorious Dutch football team is a step closer to qualifying in the World Cup match after their four-nil victory over Macedonia in the Amsterdam Arena Stadium on Wednesday evening.

Newspapers published the photos of the jubilant men who had bright smiles on their faces and were congratulating one another.

"Easy" proclaims the front page of the populist De Telegraaf while AD reports: "Just one more win and we're off to the World Cup".

According to AD, Wednesday’s match was the easiest victory that Dutch team had ever had over Macedonia. Other teams playing in the same qualification group are "puny" and a ticket to South Africa is almost assured, wrote the newspaper football correspondent.

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