Dutch news in brief, Thursday 17 December 2009

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Read the roundup of today's Dutch press from Radio Netherlands.

Rotterdam authorities pay for August riot
Following the fatal beach riot in August, AD reported on the likelihood of the fall of Rotterdam police chief Aad Meijboom. The paper also discussed Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb’s continuous struggle for his political future.

According to NRC.next, when Meijboom told his subordinate officers that should they be sacked he would also resign, he undermined the mayor’s authority. Aboutaleb believes he should decide who will face the consequences of the disastrous night.

The report said the mayor should have held a “car bonnet meeting” on the fatal night rather than waiting until the next morning. Trouw reported the mayor has admitted his mistake.

Thursday, Rotterdam council debated the failure of the authorities to prevent the crisis. Aboutaleb is under pressure to convince the council that he is capable of enforcing law and order in Rotterdam.

NRC.next insisted Aboutaleb should have learned lessons from the hooligan fiasco of the previous Liberation Day celebrations. He has already announced strict measures for New Year's Eve, including banning 43 known troublemakers from joining 20,000 revellers on the Erasmus Bridge.

In a letter of support, festival organisers pointed out that hundreds of events in the city pass without incident every year “due to the professional work of the municipality and police.”
Interior Minister should apologise
De Telegraaf reported Interior Minister Guusje Ter Horst faces tough questions in the lower house on Thursday, following a phone tapping affair involving journalists from their paper.

A report by the Review Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services criticised the minister for tapping the journalists too early into investigations following a “revealing article” in the paper.

Conservative VVD MP Laetitia Griffith said: “She has to admit her mistakes wholeheartedly so that we can move on.”

Socialist Party MP Ronald van Raak added: “If the minister sticks to her views, then the authority to tap phones is not in safe hands.”
Opening of Football Experience
Trouw reported on the opening of the first Dutch football museum and printed a photo of its orange hall of fame with portraits of 700 Dutch national players. More than a century after the Dutch national team played its first match, coach Guus Hiddink opened the museum in Middelburg Thursday.

The Football Experience gives visitors a sense of the game with interactive attractions and football memorabilia. They can provide their own commentary to a classic match, sing along with their favourite football song or just kick a ball around.
Famous moments of the game are displayed on a screen, like the 1988 European Cup final in which the Netherlands beat Germany. In a room reserved for the rivalry between these two countries, a sign on display reads: “Football is not simple. Otherwise the Dutch would be able to play it.”

Half of goats to be exterminated
de Volkskrant wrote about a farm where 220 pregnant goats and four billy goats will be given a lethal injection next week. To combat the spread of Q-fever, the government has called for a total of 35,000 goats to be culled at 55 farms from Monday.
At first only infected pregnant goats were to be slaughtered, but now all pregnant goats, which is just about half of the national herd, have been targeted. According to AD, vaccination is too risky as it is not always possible to see whether an animal has the disease.

Q-fever, which can be transmitted to humans when goats give birth, has claimed the lives of six people and infected 23,000 since the largest ever outbreak of the disease began.
de Volkskrant quoted one farmer who said he will resist the cull: “This goes too far for a lot of people”. His goats were vaccinated earlier this year.
First snow
AD captured the first snow picture of two schoolboys cycling home in Emmen, in the northeastern province of Drenthe, with a light dusting of powder on their coats.

The paper predicted traffic chaos on the roads. Meteorologists have forecast at least 10 cm of snow and the ANWB warned there will be 400 km of tailbacks.

Radio Netherlands/ Nicola Chadwick / Expatica

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