Dutch news in brief, 9 January 2006

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Police officer accused of raping men

Police officer accused of raping men

A prosecutor asked a court in Leeuwarden to impose a 30-month sentence on former police officer Jimmy N. who is accused of raping two men, aged 22 and 25, in August 2004. The accused man was an officer in Groningen at the time but was fired with dishonour after the allegations were made. Defence lawyer Gerard Spong said there was sex but it was consensual. He demanded N. be freed.

Extra checks on passengers from Turkey

Dutch Agriculture Minister Cees Veerman announced passengers arriving from Turkey will face additional checks at Dutch borders to ensure they are not carrying poultry products. This is to prevent the deadly H5N1 strain of the bird flu virus spreading from Turkey. Veerman imposed a ban on the importation of eggs, poultry and poultry meat, and diary products from Turkey.

Cities begin taxi inspections

Police, tax officers and officials of the Transport Ministry began the large-scale inspections of taxis in several Dutch cities on Monday. The operation started in Rotterdam on Monday morning and spread to Amsterdam later in the day. All taxi drivers are obliged since 1 January 2006 to take the new taxi diploma.

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