Dutch news in brief – 9 April

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Youth psychiatric detention for group rape

Youth psychiatric detention for group rape

Amsterdam Court sentenced a 16-year-old boy to youth TBS psychiatric detention for his role in a group rape of a girl in October 2003. The cases against two other suspects, aged 15 and 16, were adjourned because the court wanted them to be further examined. The trio forced its way into an Amsterdam East apartment and raped a 17-year-old and forced six boys to perform sexual acts with the girl. The crime was captured on videotapes by the culprits.

Hospitals vow to improve treatment rates

Dutch hospitals hope to treat more patients without increasing costs in the near future. It is hoped that more efficient working methods will combat plans by Health Minister Hans Hogervoorst to penalise hospitals that under-perform. Current talks with the government are aimed at producing a voluntary performance agreement.

Dutch passengers injured as plane hits turbulence

Several Dutch nationals were among 40 passengers who were injured when their plane was hit by sudden turbulence. The passengers and three crew members were injured while flying with Spanish airline Iberia from Madrid to Lima, Peru. The Airbus 300 was carrying 233 passengers when it was hit by a tropical storm above the Amazon basin. The plane landed safely an hour later in Peru and about 20 passengers were treated in hospital for head injuries and bruising.

Man loses car, licence for 'absurd' driving

A 25-year-old man, of Rijssen, was pulled over on Thursday night in Lettele for "absurd" driving. The man allegedly ran several red lights and was driving 207kmh in an 80kmh zone. The man had previously raced through the city streets of Deventer before police pulled him over. The man was ordered to surrender his car and driving licence.

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