Dutch news in brief, 7 October 2005

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'Missing' family sighted in Overijssel

'Missing' family sighted in Overijssel

The family that has been listed as missing from the Dutch town of Zeist since August has been sighted in Hardenberg in Overijssel Province, it was reported on Friday. Last month the family was allegedly seen in the vicinity of the German town Bielefeld. A driving instructor, his wife and two daughters, aged 10 and 15, disappeared shortly after their father was accused of stealing money. The witness said he saw the family walking around Hardenberg. Shown a photograph of the man by the police, the witness said the elusive driving instructor had grown a beard.

Man shot dead in Maassluis

A man died after being shot in broad daylight in Maassluis in South Holland province on Friday. Police arrested a 40-year-old local man shortly after the killing. The victim drove to the suspect's flat complex at 2pm and rang the doorbell. After a short discussion, the suspect allegedly shot the unnamed victim. Police also took a passenger in the victim's car to the station for questioning.

Solicitor suspended by disciplinary committee

A disciplinary committee has suspended Robert Moszkowicz from working as a lawyer for an indefinite period. A brother of top lawyer and television personality Abraham Moszkowicz, Robert Moszkowicz has been accused of breaching the guidelines for billing clients. The lawyer is challenging the suspension which begins on 13 October. Robert Moszkowicz had difficulties with hard drugs in the 1980s and spent some time in jail before restarting his legal office in Nieuwegein.

No Dutch missing after Bali bombing

The Dutch ministry of foreign affairs has dismissed a report that a Dutch person is missing following the bombings in Bali last weekend. The Indonesian authorities said 32 people, including one Dutchman Rudi Winter, have not been traced since the attacks on tourist targets on the island. The Dutch ministry said however than Winter has been traced. He was not in Asia last week.

2,300 kilos of fireworks seized

Police in the Dutch city of Dordrecht have confiscated 2,300 kilos of illegal fireworks. The cache was hidden in a shed, near to several houses. Two people were arrested and a third suspect is being sought.

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