Dutch news in brief, 7 March 2005

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Call for compulsory organ donation

Call for compulsory organ donation

A group of high-profile former politicians have urged the government to introduce compulsory organ donor registration for all adults in the Netherlands. Hans van Mierlo (Democrat D66), Frits Bolkestein (Liberal VVD) and Els Borst-Eilers (D66) claim the present voluntary system does not provide enough organs for transplants, resulting in hundreds of deaths every year. They suggest implementing a system under which all adults are considered potential organ donors unless they specifically refuse. The Lower House of Parliament will vote on Tuesday on whether the present system should be changed.

XS4ALL in legal bid against Dutch State

Internet service provider XS4ALL has lodged legal action against the Dutch State in a battle over internet surveillance costs. European justice ministers are proposing that ISPs be obliged to pass on information such as a subscriber's internet usage, emails and email contacts to police and prosecutors to assist in the fight against terrorism. Since 2001, XS4ALL has invested EUR 500,000 into technology allowing it to have access to these details and is opposed to the fact that the Dutch government is not providing financial support. ISPs in Italy, France, Britain and the US are compensated for the costs involved in internet surveillance.

Police shoot suspect dead

Police on Sunday night shot and killed a 37-year-old man suspected of involvement in a shooting incident. The man was killed as police moved into arrest him at a house in Fijnaart in North Brabant. The victim is suspected of using his weapon in another house in the same street earlier that night and opened fire on police as they tried to arrest him. Police returned fire, hitting the man, who died later of his injuries. Police from another district will carry out the investigation.

Man in naked social security protest

A man undressed himself in the Tilburg office of social security service UWV on Monday, complaining about the lack of financial support he receives. The man then chained himself to an immovable object in a meeting room at the UWV office. The protest was symbolic, because the Dutch word for undress, uitkleden, can also signify being ripped off. A UWV spokesman later said the man's protest had succeeded: his situation was discussed and a "solution" was found.

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