Dutch news in brief, 7 December 2004

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Young mothers continue working

Young mothers continue working

An increasing number of women are continuing to work after the birth of their child, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) said Monday. In 2003, some 90 percent of women continued working after the birth of their first child compared with 75 percent in 1997. But 56 percent of women reduced their work hours last year after the birth of their first child, compared with 44 percent in 1997, the CBS said. The bureau said 45 percent of families with children under adult age have parents working in a full-time and part-time job. About 13 percent of fathers reduced their work hours last year after their birth of their child, compared with 10 percent in 1997.
Dutch sailor returns after epic adventure

Dutch sailor Henk de Velde has returned home after a three and a half year — and ultimately unsuccessful — attempt to complete the first solo sailing voyage through the Northeast Passage, which is located under the North Pole and above Siberia. De Velde initially failed to make it through the passage due to visa troubles in Murmansk, but made a detour around Cape Horn in South America before being stuck in ice for 10 months near the Russian village of Tiksi during a second attempt from the opposite direction. De Velde arrived home in IJmuiden on Saturday and is confident of success in 2007, when he will make another attempt to sail through the passage from west to east.

PM pleased with EU values debates

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende is pleased with the progress made during five recent conferences over European values. Speaking at the end of the last conference in Rotterdam — which focused on combating terrorism — on Monday, the Christian Democrat CDA leader said much had been discussed about freedom, respect and solidarity. "There were giggles when I started on this, but the theme lives on," he said. Balkenende is campaigning for a common set of values across the EU. The Netherlands is coming to the end of its six-month rotating EU Presidency, but Austria — which will assume the mantle in January 2006 — will continue organising the conferences.

Royal cousin in webcam strip act

Princess Maxima's cousin, pole dancer Laura Vina, has decided to stay in the Netherlands after a Friday performance in Amsterdam at the Ex Porn Star party. Vina, 22, works as a professional stripper and pole dancer in Buenos Aires. Her grandmother is a sister of the grandmother of Argentine Princess Maxima, who is married to Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander. Vina claims both she and Maxima met several times as children, but the Government Information Service (RVD) has denied this. For the next two weeks, Vina will be stripping for viewers over the internet and can be seen daily from 8pm to 9pm on a website operated by the Ex Porn Star organisation.

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