Dutch news in brief, 6 May 2005

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Voting for EU constitution starts

Voting for EU constitution starts

The first votes for the Dutch referendum on the EU Constitution have been cast. The votes are from Dutch nationals living abroad who nominated to submit a postal vote. The voters were sent their postal vote forms in the mail earlier this week. On a grey A4 piece of paper the voter can place a cross to identify if they are in favour of against the constitution. A statement must also be signed indicating the voter filled the postal form in themselves. It is not known how many votes have arrived in The Hague. The rest of the nation will vote on 1 June.

Marine may sue Dutch State

Marine Erik O. is considering lodging a claim for damages against the Dutch State after being acquitted on appeal for the shooting death of an Iraqi looter. O. claims he has suffered because his name is now linked to the December 2003 shooting. He accuses the public prosecutor of using him as a test case in a politically-tainted process. Meanwhile, politicians in The Hague have in general welcomed the acquittal of the 44-year-old by the appeals court in Arnhem. The court ruled that O. did not breach military rules of engagement.

War monument vandalised

The monument 'Widows for Putten' was splashed with tar shortly before a Remembrance Day ceremony, the municipality has revealed. The statue has since been cleaned. The monument represents one of the widows of the Dutch men who were executed in October 1944 in revenge for an attack against German officers. The Nazis shipped 600 residents to the concentration camp Neuengamme and shot and killed seven men in response to the attack.

Two men die in drug overdose

Two men were found dead in a holiday home in the Kanaalweg in Rotterdam on Thursday night. Both men died of a drug overdose. They have been identified by police as 18 and 22 years old, of Poland and Russia respectively. Police were called to the house because two people were feeling ill. The men died a short time later at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam.

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