Dutch news in brief, 4 October 2004

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PM gets new mobile number due to security breach

PM gets new mobile number due to security breach

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende is being given a new mobile phone number after his previous number was posted on a website over the weekend, the Government Information Service RVD said on Monday. But the RVD cannot take any legal action against the owner of the internet webpage. It is unclear whether many calls were made to the 06 number because the number was disconnected shortly after it appeared on the website. The administrators of the website berryenberrie.nl, two students from Nijmegen, published an address list of all Dutch MPs. An unknown internet surfer later reacted by placing Balkenende's mobile number online and that of Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen and other politicians. The internet webpage was difficult to reach on Monday due to the high number of visitors.

Dutch MP demands ban on male circumcision

Somali-born Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali has called on the government to consider outlawing male circumcision and making it a criminal offence.  The MP — who regularly makes headlines for her controversial views on integration and Islam — claims that circumcision can have long-term damaging effects. The operation — in which the foreskin of the penis is removed — is carried out on tens of thousands of Muslim and Jewish boys in the Netherlands each year for religious reasons, Radio Netherlands reported. The Dutch government recently outlawed female circumcision.

Antillean minister demands DCA bankruptcy inquiry

Antillean Transport Minister Omayra Leeflang is demanding a criminal investigation into the downfall of Antillean airline DCA. The airline is virtually bankrupt, despite recent loans from the Curacao island government. Leeflang claims that DCA is guilty of fraud, claiming that it made a millions in profits in recent years without deducting the social insurance payments on behalf of the personnel. The claims are based on a report from the Government Accountants Bureau Foundation (SOAB). The minister pointed an accusing finger at DCA director Mario Evertsz, who resigned mid-August. The Curacao government loaned DCA some EUR 3.3 million in August to transport stranded passengers home from the Netherlands on condition that within a month a rescue plan was drawn up. Curacao also made EUR 6.8 million available to the company in March to pay off debts. The government decided late last month that there was nothing left to do, but for DCA to apply for bankruptcy. The matter remains in dispute.

Police murder suspect a convicted criminal

The 45-year-old German man accused of shooting and killing an Enschede policeman last Thursday had previously served two long jail terms for violent crimes in Germany. The Almelo public prosecutor's office has revealed the man had no criminal record in the Netherlands. A second policeman was shot in the head and is still in critical condition following the incident at about 3pm on 30 September.

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