Dutch news in brief, 4 July 2006

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Main force heads to Afghanistan

Main force heads to Afghanistan

The main force of 'Task Force Uruzgan' began leaving for Afghanistan on Tuesday. Defence Minister Henk Kamp waved goodbye to the first 100 soldiers to fly out from Eindhoven Air Force base. Some 1,400 troops are to travel to Uruzgan in the coming weeks to support the international stabilisation and reconstruction mission in Afghanistan. The Dutch detachment will be operational on 1 August.

Ajax hooligans get community service

Twenty supporters of Amsterdam Ajax were ordered to complete up to 70 hours community service by a court on Tuesday for involvement in disorder at the championship victory celebrations in Leidseplein on 8 May. One fan was also given a stadium ban and a two-week suspended sentence. All the defendants said they were sorry for their actions.

Verdonk could win 22 seats

Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk could win 22 seats at the next election if she resigns from the Liberal Party (VVD) and sets up her own party, according to a survey of the 18,500 members of news programme TweeVandaag 'Opinion Panel'. The three-party government collapsed last week because the VVD and Christian Democrats rejected a demand by junior coalition partner D66 to sacrifice Verdonk. The poll suggested a Verdonk party could get 15 percent of the votes in the election scheduled for November. She is already being courted by Fortuynist Marco Pastors for the new right-wing party he is setting up. Verdonk has said she intends to stay with the VVD despite being defeated in the election to become its new leader in parliament.

Bite by man with HIV 'not serious assault'

A court in the northern city of Leeuwarden has acquitted Lobat K. from Burundi of seriously assaulting two people by biting them. The Public Prosecutor's Office (OM) preferred this charge against him because he is HIV positive. But the court ruled he was not guilty of this as he had taken virus inhibitors shortly before the biting incident in a disco last year. Experts also testified the chances of transmitting HIV via a bite is far less compared with sex or blood transfusion. The defendant was sentenced to 308 days in jail for common assault of the lavatory attendant and a police officer he bit. The man was also convicted of resisting attempts to detain him as an illegal alien. The sentence was equal to time served in custody and the man was deported. The assault victims suffered emotional stress but did not develop the virus.

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