Dutch news in brief, 30 September 2005

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Taxi drivers slow to get diplomas

Taxi drivers slow to get diplomas

Thousands of the estimated 20,000 taxi drivers have not taken steps to complete the practical and theory exams to obtain the diploma needed to work in the trade by 1 January, the Transport Ministry said on Friday. About 9,000 have taken the practical test and 10,000 have sat the theory exam.

Call to raise alcohol age to 21

The minimum legal age at which people can buy alcohol in the Netherlands should be raised from 16 to 21, Andre Kleinmeulman, according to the new boss of the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA). Speaking to newspaper 'Trouw', he said parents and local authorities should also do more to combat underage drinking.

Enough fries for everyone

The Dutch public has no need to worry about a shortage of French fries next year despite a poor potato harvest, fries producers said in the Netherlands on Friday. There will be enough raw material, but the price of fries will rise slightly, the companies said.

Mayor investigated over leaks

Mayor Dick Schutte of the Dutch fishing town of Urk has stepped down temporarily because he is under suspicion of having leaked confidential information about a criminal investigation. The Public Prosecutor's Office if passing on details supplied to him to people involved in a case relating to a fishing dispute and other cases.

Motorist injured by brick

A motorist, 36, received a hand injury when she was struck by a brick thrown from the Kelper overpass on the A2 in the Hunsel district. The woman was taken to hospital after the object crashed through the windscreen of her car on Friday morning.

Boy using pepper spray in school

A boy, 14, was arrested in a school in Tiel on Friday morning after he stunned several of his classmates with pepper spray. Other children in the class complained of irritation to their eyes and throats. The boy was taken to the police station for possession of the spray which is banned under the firearms acts.

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