Dutch news in brief, 30 November 2005

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MPs want street ban on cannabis

MPs want street ban on cannabis

A majority in the Dutch parliament backed a proposition yesterday to impose a general ban on smoking soft drugs in the street. The proposal was put forward by the Liberal Party (VVD) and Christian party ChristenUnie to stop people smoking drugs in public places, such as train stations. The ChristenUnie hopes such measures will reduce drug use in general. The Liberals say they have no moral objection to cannabis, but people should only smoke at home or in coffeeshops. Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner is not a supporter of a street ban on cannabis, saying there are not enough police officers to enforce it.

Teen jailed for group rapes

A court in Rotterdam jailed J.M., 19, for two years for involvement in the group rapes of six girls from June to October 2004. The victims were aged 11 to 16, and some became pregnant as a result of the attacks. The prosecutor had sought a five-year term. The court ruled the defendant may have to undergo TBS psychiatric treatment. This portion of the sentence was made conditional because of evidence J.M.'s mental state. Several teenage boys were involved in the rapes.

Mildest autumn since 1901

The sunny, warm and relatively dry autumn months have made 2005 a record year, meteorological bureau KNMI said on Wednesday. The average temperature at the KNMI's weather station at De Bilt is expected to be 12 degrees. The usual average for autumn is 10.2 degrees. This makes this autumn the mildest since 1901. The previous record of 11.7 degrees was in 1969.

Enschede schools re-open

Schools in the Enschede region re-opened on Wednesday after municipal inspectors signalled that there was no longer a threat of roofs collapsing. The authorities in Hengelo also allowed the re-opening of schools there shut after heavy snow last Friday.  Several shops in the east of the country also began operating again. The public shopping centre 'de Brink' in central Hengelo remained closed because the snow caused a partial collapse of the roof.

Petrol becomes slightly cheaper

Market leader Shell has reduced the recommended price for petrol by 1 cent. A litre of Euro unleaded now costs EUR 1.339, while a litre of Super costs EUR 1.393. Diesel remains unchanged at EUR 1.025 per litre. 

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