Dutch news in brief, 30 August 2006

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Bomb scare at US military base

Bomb scare at US military base

Military Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee) sealed off a wide area around the US military base in Schinnin, south Limburg for several hours on Wednesday after a bomb alert. It was declared a false alarm at about 5pm. The Fire Brigade, the police, bomb disposal experts and officials of the health board arrived in force after a suspect package was reportedly spotted under a truck arriving at the base shortly after noon. All roads to and from the base were closed and nearby train services were halted during the alert. The contents of the package have not been revealed.

Shortage of 15 billion condoms

Worldwide there is a shortage of 15 billion condoms per year to prevent Aids infections, South African researcher Helen Rees told the AIDS Vaccine 06 congress in Amsterdam on Wednesday. She said 24 billion condoms a year are needed to keep Aids from spreading, while only 9 billion are available. As things stand, men in Africa can on average use about three condoms a year. This is far too little in a culture in which many men aren't monogamous, Rees said.

Woman, 95, loses driving licence

Police confiscated a driving licence from a 95-year-old resident of Zevenaar on Wednesday. Two police officers saw her driving away after crashing into a parked vehicle. As they gave chase her car continually braked for no reason and indicated turns she did not make. She eventually parked her car crookedly on the road. When the officers approached her she said she did not realise she had done anything wrong. The woman will have to take a driving test if she wants her licence back.

Hospital takeover 'dies' on the table

The planned takeover of the financially troubled Amsterdam Slotervaart Hospital has been called off. Housing corporations 'De Key' and 'Het Oosten' and care agency 'Cordaan' signed a declaration of intent to buy the hospital earlier this month. But they announced on Wednesday that they had failed to put a credible business plan together.

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