Dutch news in brief, 3 August 2005

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Man injured in drive by shooting

Man injured in drive by shooting

A man sitting in the back of a car on the A7 was wounded on Wednesday morning when the occupant of another car opened fire. The incident took place between Hoorn and Purmerend. The driver of the vehicle that was fired on managed to drive on to  Purmerend and contact police. The injured passenger was brought to hospital. Police are investigating the motive for the attack.

Supermarkets want Sunday shopping

CBL, the sector organisation for supermarkets, says it is unacceptable that the country's 4,000 supermarkets are not allowed to open on Sunday while other shops can. This results in supermarkets losing revenues on Sunday while competitors attract lots of customers in the city centres and in tourists areas along the coast. The Ministry for Economic Affairs will shortly evaluate the 1996 shopping hours law that precludes supermarkets trading on the seventh day.

Hunger striking asylum seekers moved

The five Iranian asylum seekers on hunger strike to protest at the decision to deport them were separated and moved from the Ter Apel asylum centre on Tuesday. Taxi buses were used to transfer them to various deportation centres around the country. The five were permitted to speak to the media briefly. "It is going very badly, but we are not going to give up," Mohammad Mehdi Neshat, 29, said.

Zeppelin loaded on ship in Amsterdam 
The zeppelin airship that touched down on Dutch soil on Monday evening has been loaded on to a container ship in Amsterdam. The ship is due to leave for South Africa on Thursday or Friday.  The Zeppelin has a range of 1,000 kilometres and was built in Germany to search for diamonds in South Africa and Namibia.

Four killed in traffic accident

Four Dutch people were killed in a traffic accident on the A31 just over the border in Germany on Tuesday. A middle-aged couple from Vorden,  A woman, 59, from Heelweg and woman, 68, from Zelhem died and four other people were seriously injured when a truck slammed into the back of a traffic jam, a German police spokesperson said. The traffic jam had been caused by a minor accident.

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