Dutch news in brief, 29 September 2006

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Hui to stay in jail after appeal is dismissed

Hui to stay in jail after appeal is dismissed

The eight-year-old Hui will be forced to temporarily stay with his mother in the Kamp Zeist jail. A Zutphen immigration judge on Friday rejected the appeal from the boy's mother against her detention, ruling it was within the limits of the law. The Chinese woman has been refused asylum in the Netherlands and has been detained for not co-operating on her expulsion to China. The woman chose to take her son with her to jail. The judge said on Friday the duo should be deported as quickly as possible because the situation in the detention centre is not good for the child.

Woman was tied down in surgery fire

The 69-year-old woman who died in a hospital surgery room fire on Thursday was tight down to the operating table. Staff tried to free her, but to no avail. The woman was partially sedated, but conscious during the operation. She was tied down during the surgery to avoid any undesired movements. Suddenly, an electric fire erupted and the woman could not be saved in time. An investigation has been launched.

Last paper driver licence issued

The last paper Dutch licence was issued on Thursday. In future, the pink slip of paper, which has been used since 1984, will be replaced by a plastic driver's licence the size of a credit card. The first of the new licences will be issued on Tuesday. The new licence, which is also pink, is better protected against fraud and forgery.

Piano playing burglar arrested

A burglar who broke into a house in the Dutch town of Tiel on Wednesday could not resist playing the piano he found there after ransacking the living room, police have said. But the owner of the house awoke and called the police, who arrested the 20-year-old thief.

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