Dutch news in brief, 28 February 2005

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Cabinet confirms anti-terror mission

Cabinet confirms anti-terror mission

The Cabinet confirmed on Friday it will send 250 soldiers and four transport helicopters to assist US-led forces in the hunt for Taleban and al-Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan. The unit will consist of 165 commandos and marines and 85 helicopter personnel and military police. Foreign Minister Ben Bot and Defence Minister Henk Kamp said the troops will depart after parliament has been fully, but confidentially, informed. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said the mission — which is initially for a period of one year — does not require parliament's approval.

Train conductor diagnosed with TB

A train conductor with Dutch rail NS has been diagnosed with open tuberculosis (TB), it was reported Friday. Medical authority GGD is examining the man's family for TB infection, and may widen the search to his colleagues. But the GGD said it did not see any reason at this stage to test people who had travelled on trains the conductor recently worked on. The Den Bosch man has been off work since 14 February.

Godett escapes court case

The public prosecutor in Willemstad has abandoned its case against politician Anthony Godett. The leader of Curacao's largest party, FOL, was due to appear in court on Monday on corruption charges. Every other suspect had lodged objections to their prosecution and the Court of Appeal dismissed the charges last week. Godett had not lodged an objection, but the prosecutor eventually withdrew its case against him as well. The case revolved around allegations that the late justice minister Ben Komproe illegally gave residence permits to foreign prostitutes.

Mosque questions AIVD accusations

The board of the Iskender Pasa social and cultural centre has questioned why the Dutch security service AIVD has described one of its volunteers as being a cleric and a threat to national security. The man was arrested on Thursday and Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk said he is accused of preaching an orthodox, anti-western and anti-democratic form of Islam. The man — who is an illegal immigrant — is being held at a detention centre to await his deportation. The Iskender Pasa foundation had previously accused newspaper De Telegraaf of falsely claiming the man was a cleric who was being deported for preaching hatred of the west.

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