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Antillean Cabinet recovers from crisis

Antillean Cabinet recovers from crisis

27 January 2004

AMSTERDAM — The Antillean Cabinet has recovered from a recent coalition split and will remain in power following an official offer of support from the Democratic Party of Bonaire.

The offer of support from the opposition party means that the government now has a majority of 12 seats in the 22-seat national Parliament, news agency Novum reported on Tuesday. The opposition party National Alliance of Sint Maarten may also join the coalition at a later date.

The Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean is one of the three constituent parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

A coalition crisis was sparked after the leader of government party FOL, Anthony Godett, was recently convicted of corruption and jailed for 12-months. Two coalition parties abandoned the Cabinet after their demand for Godett's resignation from parliament was rejected.

Meanwhile, both the prosecution and Godett have appealed the conviction and jail sentence. Godett's sister, Mirna Louisa-Godett, remains as the head of government of the Netherlands Antilles.

Dutch score well in MBA rankings

Three educatuional institutes in the Netherlands have been included in the list of 100 best Master of Business Administration (MBA) courses in the world. The Financial Times newspaper singled out the Rotterdam School of Management, the Universiteit Nyenrode and the NIMBAS Graduate School of Management as leading Dutch business schools. Some 70 percent of the institutions on the list are based in the US. The Financial Times said salaries for graduates were higher in America but the quality of the academic staff in Europe was particularly high.

Labour still searching for Oudkerk's replacement

The leader of the Labour PvdA party in Amsterdam, Tjalling Halbertsma, has turned down an offer to replace Rob Oudkerk as the city's Education and Social Affairs Alderman. Halbertsma, who cited family and work responsibilities for his refusal, was offered the position after Oudkerk resigned last week amid outrage that his regular visits to prostitutes included a one-off trip to the capital's infamous street sex zone on the Theemsweg.

Viewers pick Frisia for most irritating TV advert

The TV commercial with former newsreader Edvard Niessing praising loans from Frisia Financieringen has been voted by Dutch viewers as the most irritating advertisement of 2003. TV show Radar said on Monday night during the announcement of its Loden Leeuw awards that two-thirds of 33,000 polled people voted for the Frisia commercial.

Second prize went to a finance advert from lening.nl, while Remia Vloeibaar Vet (Remia Liquid Oil) came third with its series of skits about overweight people jammed into various objects. The next seven places were taken by Specsavers, Postkrediet, Double AA Paper, Clairol Herbal Essences, Gelink Adviesgroep, Becam Leningen and Leo van Milka.

If you're in the mood and dare to get irritated again, the adverts can be seen at trosradar.nl.

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