Dutch news in brief, 27 January 2005

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Man, 90, arrested after attack on ex-girlfriend

Man, 90, arrested after attack on ex-girlfriend

A 90-year-old resident of the southern city of Sittard has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his former girlfriend. She is 81. The man got into her house by breaking a window-pane in the front door. He then hit her several times, she claims. This is the third time in a month that the man has been accused of attacking the woman. Police believe he cannot accept their relationship has ended, news agency ANP reported.

Allawi thanks departing Dutch troops

Interim Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi visited Camp Smitty in southern Iraq on Thursday to thank the Dutch troops for helping to keep the peace in the region. Allawi just missed Dutch Defence Minister Henk Kemp who had left the camp in the morning, a ministry spokesperson told news agency Novum. Despite pleas from the interim government in Baghdad and its coalition partners, the Dutch government has decided to withdraw the 1,400 troops by mid-March.

No beer for would-be fathers

Men who want to father a child should refrain from drinking alcohol before making love, according to urgent advice from the Dutch Health Council. Traditionally, women have been the ones warned to abstain from alcohol to better their chances of becoming pregnant. But the council has now said that drinking alcohol before sex can damage the quality of a man's sperm, RTL News reported.

Dutch turn to cheaper medicines

For the first time since World War II, the Dutch public has spent less on medication. By switching to unbranded medicines, the amount of money spent on medical remedies fell by EUR 130 million in 2004, the Dutch Pharmacy Association (KNMP) said on Thursday. The public in the Netherlands spent EUR 4.42 billion on medicines in 2004, down from EUR 4.55 billion the year before, news agency ANP reported.

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