Dutch news in brief, 26 July 2006

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Anti-gay preacher gets the sack

Anti-gay preacher gets the sack

A Protestant preacher has been sacked by a church council in the Friesian town of Reitsum for likening homosexuality to incest during a sermon on Queen's Day last May. He also sharply criticised euthanasia. "There were several points of tension, but the anti-gay sermon was the last drop that made the bucket overflow," said Wieger Zoodsma, chairman of the church council in the town.

Heatwave may eat into vegetable stocks

Supplies vegetables may come under pressure if the the current hot and dry conditions in Europe persist. The Dutch sector organisation Vigef has warned growers across Europe may not be able to meet the demand for cauliflower; spinach, onions, peas, beans and carrots. The heatwave is not the only problem. The preceding long, wet and cold winter delayed the planting of crops.

Smog alert in Limburg

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) warned of the potential for serious smog over the southern Dutch province on Limburg on Wednesday afternoon. Ozone levels in the rest of the country would be no higher than moderate, the RIVM said.

Severed arm found

A woman founded a severed arm in water at the Waterlandse sea dike in Monnickendam on Sunday. The limb was wrenched from the body of a 19-year-old man in the Markermeer lake on 16 July. His arm became entangled in the tow rope while he was being pulled on an air bed by a speedboat. Divers failed to locate the body part.

Couple admit EUR 140,000 dole fraud

A man, 61, and his wife, 56, have admitted unlawfully collecting EUR 142,000 in dole payments over the last 10 years, Den Helder city council said on Wednesday. The couple received unemployment assistance from 1 July 1996 to 23 July 2006 despite working in the black economy.

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