Dutch news in brief, 26 January 2005

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Stone throwers face murder charge

Stone throwers face murder charge

The public prosecutor has decided to charge four men who threw a paving stone over a viaduct on the A4 in Rijswijk with murder. The stone landed on a car, fatally injuring the 30-year-old woman driver. The incident occured on 10 January. Earlier that day a bag of refuse was thrown over another viaduct. The bag hit a truck but the driver escaped injury. 

Postbank's online banking goes offline

Some users have not been able to access their account details online this week, but Postbank insists that there is nothing wrong with its internet banking system. The only problem, says Postbank spokeswoman Liselore Stuut, is that a lot of its customers are banking online. "In one year the number of users has grown from 250,000 to a million. I don't know of any other service that has so many users operating in a protected environment, so it is very busy every now and then," Stuut told newspaper De Telegraaf. She said Postbank works continually to improve its online banking service. 

Civil servant arrested for drug smuggling

The German police say they have arrested a Turkish civil servant, 36, for allegedly smuggling heroin through Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. The man allegedly used his diplomatic status to avoid customs checks. He was arrested in the German town Mönchengladbach, which is near the border with the Netherlands. He is suspected of having smuggled 20 kilos of the drug, investigators told Dutch news agency ANP.

Leiden to offer imam course

Leiden university plans shortly to launch a masters degree course for Muslim clerics. The course will initially be aimed at Turkish students who have been awarded a theology degree in Turkey, as this degree is regarded to have the same status as a Bachelor's degree.The proposal for the course has been presented to the Education Ministry in The Hague.

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