Dutch news in brief, 25 July 2006

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Man arrested for Verdonk threats

Man arrested for Verdonk threats

A 25-year-old man has been arrested in Rotterdam on suspicion of systematically threatening politicians, including Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk and right-wing MP Geert Wilders. Investigators focused on the suspect after he allegedly threatened a woman from a Moroccan background who was taking part in a beauty pageant.

Warning about swimming in rivers

The Department of Waterways and Public Works (Rijkswaterstaat) issued a warning on Tuesday about swimming in large rivers to cool off during the heatwave. Currents in the rivers are particularly unpredictable at the moment because of the low water levels in many rivers, officials said.

Cattle seek respite in water ditches

The high temperatures are driving cattle and horses in Friesland to seek respite in water ditches, news service NOS reported. The Fire Brigade is being called upon to fish five animals per day out of ditches. The average in cooler times is one cow or horse a week.

Former child soldier in 'degrading' conditions

A former child soldier from Liberia has been held in "degrading and unsafe" conditions in a psychiatric hospital in the Dutch city of Venray for the last seven months, medical union NU'91 said on Tuesday. The patient is extremely aggressive and no one has been able to reason with him. As a result, he is locked in a small room all day and has to exercise in the open air from inside a cage. The union said something must be done for the man soon.

300,000 attend Pink Monday

The gay festival 'Roze Maandag' (Pink Monday) attracted 300,000 visitors to the fair in the Dutch city of Tilburg on Monday. This is a record for Pink Monday and one of the busiest days at the Tilburg fair ever.

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