Dutch news in brief, 25 August 2006

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Abolish Islamic schools - new party

Abolish Islamic schools - new party

The new party formed by MP Hilbrand Nawijn is to make abolition of Islamic education in the Netherlands one of its key election demands. The Partij voor Nederland (Party for the Netherlands) also wants a moratorium on mosque building and a head scarf ban for civil servants. MP Gerard van As, who defected to Nawijn's party from the LPF, said they are not opposed to a multicultural society. "We don't want to be pushed into the extreme right corner. We don't want to lump Islam [Muslims] into one heap, like the parties of Geert Wilders and Marco Pastors. Everyone who wants to participate must be allowed to but then they have to become Dutch citizens," Van As said.  

Plea for lighter school books

Publishers must act to ensure that secondary school students do not have to carry bags that are too heavy. School books should be no heavier than 600 grams a piece, Labour Party (PvdA) said on Friday. MP Mariëtte Hamer said the burden of heavy books is bad for students' backs and is a danger on the roads. Publisher Wolters-Noordhoff has already adopted guidelines to limit the size of its books.

20pc of Dutch eateries 'too dirty'

Hygiene standards in the Dutch hospitality industry have received a damning review. A study by the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA in Dutch) found that 20 percent of restaurants and cafés are too dirty.  Inspectors issued 40 fines and dozens of warnings when they visited 285 establishments in Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Den Bosch and Zwolle between May and June. Signs of cockroaches and mice were found in many eateries. The spot checks will be repeated shortly in the five cities and elsewhere, the VWA said.

Single farmers lose porn battle

A dating site for Dutch farmers has lost a court case against Google about porn, Reuters reported. The farmers site had asked the court to demand that the world's biggest internet search engine to install a filter that would prevent links to sex sites from appearing alongside query results for "farm date" because it damaged the dating site's reputation. But a judge in Amsterdam ruled that the words "farm" and "date" were too general to be granted exclusivity by Farmdate.

Police round up 'Harley gang'

Police in Amsterdam and 't Gooi have arrested three men and a woman for alleged involvement in the organised theft of Harley Davidson bikes. Ten of the iconic American choppers and a large amount of Harley spare parts were found during police searches at homes in Amsterdam, Noord-Brabant and Flevoland last week.

Three young men killed in car crash

Three young Dutch men were killed in a car crash in Lommel (Belgium), close to the Dutch border at 1am on Friday morning. A fourth occupant of the car was seriously wounded. The vehicle came from Luyksgestel in the Netherlands. The driver lost control of the car on a sharp bend and the vehicle slammed into a tree. Three of the occupants were killed instantly. All victims are young Dutch men aged about 20 years old.

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