Dutch news in brief, 24 February 2006

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Dutch website sells Mohammed T-shirt

Dutch website sells Mohammed T-shirt

A website was launched in the Netherlands on Friday to sell T-shirts of one of the controversial Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.  The T-shirt is orange and features the cartoon of Mohammed wearing a turban shaped like a bomb. The text underneath the cartoon reads  have a owner of the site, 'I hate violence. The owner of www.mohammedcartoons.nl told ANP he was "absolutely not trying to incite violence or discrimination. We are doing this to open discussions between Muslims and non-Muslims".

Legionella in Dutch jails

Environment Ministry inspectors have detected the legionella bacteria in 12 prisons in the Netherlands, it was reported on Friday. The prison authorities are not doing enough to prevent legionella in the water supply, the Ministry said on Friday. It carried out a study at 105 institutions.

Another Hofstad suspect goes free

A court in Amsterdam ordered the release from custody of another person accused of membership of the alleged terrorist Hofstad group. The court is due to deliver its verdict in the case in two weeks. The panel of three judges accepted an application by the lawyer for Zakaria T. that he should be freed. The prosecution has demanded a five-year sentence for T., but he has already served more time in custody than he would get if convicted of the charges he faces. Half of the original total of 13 accused men have now been freed.

Japan threatens chicken ban

Japan has threatened to close its borders to Dutch chicken and poultry products amid concerns the potentially deadly virus will soon surface in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the second-largest poultry producer in the EU and the sector is worried other countries will follow Japan's lead. Dutch newspaper 'Trouw' said on Friday Japan plans to introduce a ban as soon as the Netherlands starts vaccinating its free-range and hobby chickens.

Man arrested after fatal hit-and-run

Police in Twente Province arrested a man from the town of Albergen in relation to a fatal accident in the region last weekend. A cyclist, 52, was killed when he was hit by a car and carried on the bonnet of the car for several hundred metres before falling off. Police would not say if the arrested man, 25, was the driver who fled the scene and did not report the accident.

Girl, 11, set school on fire

A pupil, 11, has admitted setting a fire that destroyed her primary school 'De Wereldwijzer' in The Hague last month. The police investigation focused on the girl when she tried to set fire to a bag while she and her class were attending lessons in another school. She has been confined in a psychiatric institute.

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