Dutch news in brief, 24 August 2005

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Satellite dishes put to the test

Satellite dishes put to the test

Housing corporation Nieuwe Unie in Rotterdam is mounting test cases to see if the courts will order tenants to remove satellite dishes outside their homes. A spokesperson said  the dishes are an eyesore and can damage the walls, roofs or window frames they are attached to. The corporation has 3,200 tenants who own satellite dishes and the majority has rejected pleas to remove them despite being offered alternatives. One of these was a special television deal offered by cable provider UPC.

Two jailed for 'cold-case' killing

Two vagrants have been jailed for killing another homeless man in Amersfoort almost six years ago. A court in Utrecht imposed a 12-year-term on H. van den A., 43. Co-defendant C. de G., 49, who struck the fatal blows with a large rock, received nine years. The 52-year-old victim was killed in a bicycle cellar as the robbed him of 200 guilders (EUR 90) and a radio. The two defendants were immediately the main suspects but the police investigation stalled. It was re-opened by a cold-case team last year and De G. was traced to Britain. He confessed to the crime after being extradited to the Netherlands.

'Bluebird' goes to the Oscars

Director Mijke de Jong's movie 'Bluebird' has been chosen as the Dutch entry for the best non-English language category at the Oscars. 'Bluebird' is a moving story of 13-year-old Merel who is bullied at school. She does not tell her parents or her brother about the problem and becomes more and more withdrawn.

Mafia suspect faces jail for heroin smuggling

The public prosecutor's office (OM) has asked a court to impose a five-year sentence in the case of Sreten Jocic who is accused of involvement in the smuggling of 40 kilos of heroin in the late 1990s. The OM claimed Jocic is a member of the Yugoslav Mafia. Jocic was extradited from Bulgaria to the Netherlands in 2002. As he is considered to be a flight risk, Wednesday's hearing was held in the high-security Amsterdam-Osdorp courthouse.

Photo shoot for rutting deer

National park 'De Hoge Veluwe' has built two portable huts to allow amateur photographers to get close-up pictures of red deer during the mating season in September. Park manager Jakob Leidekker said the huts have been placed in areas that are usually closed to the public but are popular with the animals. 

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