Dutch news in brief, 21 September 2006

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No driving licences during reorganisation

No driving licences during reorganisation

It will not be possible to apply for a driving licence on 29 and 30 September, vehicle registration agency RDW in Veendam said on Thursday. Local councils throughout the Netherlands will use this period to adapt their systems to the new licence that comes into operation on 1 October.

Students arrested for initiation prank

Five Amsterdam students were arrested at Central Station in The Hague on Thursday morning after they removed a painting from a wall. The students explained they need the painting as a trophy for a college society initiation ritual.  They chose a painting which was part of an exposition organised by the Disabled Child foundation. The five, aged 18, 19 and 23) were fined for the crime and they immediately handed over an envelop with cash to the foundation. The painting was not damaged.

Phoning while cycling allowed

Using a mobile phone while cycling will continue to be permitted, Transport Minister Karla Peijs announced on Thursday. Research found that few people are injured while phoning and cycling at the same time.

More TBSers re-offend

The number of convicted criminals re-offending after completing a TBS behaviour modification course has increased in recent years, according to the Justice Ministry's research centre WODC. Re-offending rates actually fell in the 1980s and 1990s. The researchers suggested the change had come about due to the release of a higher number of "harder" cases with relatively unfavourable prospects.

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