Dutch news in brief, 20 September 2006

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Boys with toy guns spark alert

Boys with toy guns spark alert

A specialist police arrest team was mobilised in the town of Voorburg on Tuesday for what turned out to be three boys with toy guns. Residents rang the police to say three armed and masked men were on the roof of the town hall. As the council was meeting there at the time, the police decided to close off part of the street and to send in the arrest squad. The alert was cancelled when the boys explained they had won the toys at a local fair.

VVD defector on Pastor's  list

MP Anton van Schijndel is in the number seven position on the candidate list presented on Wednesday by EénNL, the party of former Leefbaar Rotterdam Alderman Marco Pastors. Van Schijndel was expelled from the Liberals (VVD) early this month for criticising the party's leader Mark Rutte. Van Schijndel, who accused Rutte of not being tough enough on immigration, had been given a low place on the VVD list and was unlikely to retain his seat. Pastors heads the EénNL list, followed by LPF MP Joost Eerdmans and Hikmat Mahawat Khan of the Contact Group Islam.

Free parking for natural gas cars

Residents of Leeuwarden can park free of charge in the centre of the city as long as their cars run on natural gas. The local authority hopes the measure will boost the use of cleaner fuel sources. So far the scheme only covers 40 parking places. There are EUR 1,000 subsidies for another 40 drivers to switch to natural gas. "It will be first come, first served," a spokesperson said. The total project will cost EUR 90,000. A filling station opens in the city in October to provide 12 different types of fuel, including natural gas.

Al Gore coming to Amsterdam

Former US vice-president Al Gore is coming to Amsterdam on 6 October for the Dutch premiere of his film which deals with the greenhouse effect on the environment. Gore will be the guest of environmental group HIER. His film  'An Inconvenient Truth' was first shown at the film festival in Cannes last May.

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