Dutch news in brief, 20 October 2004

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Dutch MPs 'disrespect judicial independence'

Dutch MPs 'disrespect judicial independence'

The Dutch judiciary association (NVVR) has claimed that MPs went too far in welcoming the acquittal of a Dutch marine alleged to have shot and killed a suspected Iraqi looter. Judges and public prosecutors said the MPs did not shown sufficient respect for the independence of the judiciary, Radio Netherlands reported. Sergeant major Erik O. was acquitted Monday of charges he breached military orders of engagement and many MPs condemned the original decision to bring him to trial. Judges and prosecutors said they felt hindered in their work by the comments and the NVVR said MPs should be more reserved in future. This would give judges the chance to come to their own conclusions regarding cases.

Ex-Dutch terror suspects released

Two former Dutch terrorism suspects were released on Wednesday. The public prosecutor had previously dropped the terror charges, but has now also dropped charges of illegal weapon possession against the two suspects, news agency nu.nl reported. The two men had been arrested with two other male suspects on 30 July on suspicion they were planning a terror attack on targets such as Schiphol Airport and the Dutch Parliament, but the terrorism charges against the four suspects were later dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Tokkie by name, Tokkie by nature?

Since the Tokkies became the Netherlands' most infamous misfit family, other families with the same name have encountered discrimination. Even if they are not related to the famed Tokkies, other Tokkies are encountering a range of difficulties. Banks are suddenly reluctant to grant loans, childcare centres have become full and Tokkie children are being pestered at school, newspaper De Telegraaf reported. Jacqueline Tokkie, for example, has had enough and has decided to change her name and her children's to that of her husband's. The Tokkie family have become infamous for an out-of-hand, violent argument with Amsterdam neighbours, prompting their eventual eviction. Featured in television documentaries since then, the alleged anti-social family is now making well-paid guest appearances at parties and other events.

Man tried to transport pony in car boot

A German man tried to take a Shetland pony home in the boot of his car after attending a horse market in the northern Dutch town of Zuidlaren on Tuesday. Police said the pony had been jammed into the boot of the Volkswagen Polo. The animal had very little room to move and its head was pressed up against the car window, RTL News reported. The man was fined EUR 220 on the spot and police seized his animal because he did not have an export certificate. Once the man has obtained the licence, he will be allowed to take the pony home.

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