Dutch news in brief, 20 December 2004

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Call for pension tax to finance aging population

Call for pension tax to finance aging population

Dutch pensioners should pay a part of their national old age pension, known as AOW in Dutch, to guarantee the future of the pension system, the Social Economic Council (SER) has advised the Dutch Parliament. According to the plan, retirees who do not receive a supplementary pension would be exempt from the pension tax. Due to the aging population, the costs of the AOW system are increasing. It is paid for by contributions from those aged 65 or under and the Dutch government, newspaper De Volkskrant reported. The SER has advised to spread the costs of the system over a larger population base, and therefore wants pensioners to be taxed.

Nine years jail for battered wife's murder

A 37-year-old man who shot and killed his 32-year-old wife in front of a refuge for battered women in Koog aan de Zaan, near Zaandam, was sentenced to a nine-year jail term and indefinite psychiatric detention by a court in Haarlem on Monday. The court dismissed claims the murder was an 'honour killing'. The woman was killed on 12 March after seeking shelter at the house due to domestic abuse. The man, G. B., of Apeldoorn, tracked her down via the internet and shot her from a passing car.

Islamic schools dismantle security measures

All Islamic schools in the Netherlands took extra security measures following the murder of Theo van Gogh last month, but all of these measures have since been lifted. A bombing and an arson attack last month against Islamic schools in Eindhoven and Uden sparked fear across the country, but besides those two schools, only one other brought in professional assistance for students. The investigation by news service NOS indicated that very few students at the 43 Dutch Islamic schools were kept away from school due to fears about their safety.

Duck found alive with arrow in its head

Police are investigating a case of serious animal cruelty in Ulft after a duck was found swimming around with an arrow shot through its head. Animal ambulance staff tried in vain to catch the bird and a fire brigade officer in a diving suit also failed in his attempt. Due to the duck's worsening condition, it was decided to put the animal out of its misery. Police don't know who fired the arrow.

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