Dutch news in brief, 2 September 2005

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Idols star to entertain troops

Idols star to entertain troops

Singer Marlies will travel to Bosnia in three weeks to perform for Dutch peacekeepers stationed there. Marlies made a name for herself when she appeared as one of the contestants on the talent programme Idols. The 24-year-old will perform concerts with a backing band consisting of soldiers.

Man jailed for frenzied stabbing

A court in Zutphen imposed a 14-year sentence on Ersin M., 23, for the murder of a disabled person in the Dutch town of Twello. Tony Bartels, 36, died in the arms of his mother after being stabbed 22 times in his house by the defendant on 15 January 2001. There were no witnesses to the stabbing and statements gathered by the police were contradictory but M.'s DNA was found on a cigarette butt near the scene. His lawyer said the evidence was found in an area known for being a smokers' corner and he unsuccessfully argued his client should be acquitted. But the defendant was convicted of murder as well as assaulting his girlfriend, 17, and possession of child porn and a stun gun.

Dutchman opens 'uncrackable safe'

It took him seven years but Wim van den Hoogen has managed to do what few other people in the world can do. He announced on Friday that he has opened the 80cm-thick door of a safe once used by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). The safe was in an office formerly used by the DNB in Arnhem. Van den Hoogen is now among a group of no more than 10 people in the world who open a safe of this type without using a thermal lance or explosives and without damaging the door. The safe has at least 200 million combination possibilities.

Former hostage to testify over ransom

Former aid worker Arjan Erkel, who was held captive in Dagestan for 20 months, has been called to give evidence against Doctors Without Borders. A court in Geneva has summoned Erkel to testify in a case taken by the Dutch government seeking the repayment of EUR 1 million given to the organisation to pay for Erkel's release.

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