Dutch news in brief, 2 May 2006

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Fraud by civil servants doubles

Fraud by civil servants doubles

The number of civil servants working for government ministries guilty of fraud and corruption doubled in 2005 compared with the year before. RTL Nieuws published a report by the Interior Ministry showing that 136 civil servants were involved in corruption last year, compared with 59 in 2004. The Public Prosecutor's Office (OM) took legal action against 34 civil servants.

Former councillor suspected

Former Labour (PvdA) councillor Ramon Smits Alvarez cannot return to the municipal council in Amersfoort to at least 1 January 2008, the local branch of the PvdA said on Tuesday. Smit stepped down as a councillor last month after he admitted making untruthful allegations against Hans van Wegen, leader of the Citizens Party in Amersfoort. Chief among the accusations was that Van Wegen was a paedophile.

Children survive 4 floor fall

Two young children survived a four storey fall from an apartment in the Geuzenveld district of Amsterdam West on Monday evening. The children, thought to be aged between four and six, were taken to hospital but no information was released about their injuries. Police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Mayor fined for drink-driving

Mayor Helma Ton of Blaricum revealed why she had been unable to chair a meeting of the town council last week - she had been stopped and held by police for drink driving. In a statement about the incident on the town's website, she said she left a function in the car when she was stopped at a checkpoint. She received a fine and was prevented from resuming her journey for an hour. "As far as I am concerned, this was a once off and never again," the Mayor said, "I have committed myself not to drink alcohol when I am performing my duties. And for a mayor that is 24-hours a day," Ton said.

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